2 - Soulfly Blood, Fire, War, Hate

2 - Soulfly Blood, Fire, War, Hate

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Дата добавления: 2016-11-15

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Blood, Fire, War, Hate 14x

It's everywhere
It's in their faces
Blood, Fire, War, Pain
Everybody is going insane

Blood, Fire, Hell, Heaven,
AK 47
Blood, Fire, War, Hate
It's all around
It's in your face

Blood, Fire, War, Hate
The world is hostage, no escape
Blood, Fire, War, Thunder
The whole world under murder

Blood, Fire, Earthquake
Retaliation without end
Blood, Fire, War, Hate
Will it ever end?

Blood, Fire, War, Hate 5x

Entering the final phase
Blood, Fire, War, Kill
Ritual, Blood spilled

Blood, Fire, Black Death
Under the sign of the black flag
Blood, Fire, War, Dust
Confrontation is a must

Blood fuels the prophets of destruction
Blood staining their profits from corruption
Fire is all consuming, never ending
Flames burn eternal, never ending
And these war pigs deliver all their madness
War criminals thrive on death and sadness
Hate Breeds hate breeds hate, whoa
Blood, Fire, War, Hate will never end

Видео Soulfly - Blood Fire War Hate @ The Korova - San Antonio, TX
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