2Pac - Fuck the police Dj LPC Bass Boosted

2Pac - Fuck the police Dj LPC (Bass Boosted)

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Please tell me what's a nigga to do and it's true
Ain't nothing new so I do what I do to get through
Now first they had me trapped and now I'm pissed
A loaded Ak-47 laying on my hips so don't trip
One motherfucker from the underground
And Big Stretch bucking niggas if they fuck around
Yo, why ya'll got beef with police?
Ain't that a bitch them motherfucker's gotta beef with me
They make it hard for me to sleep
I wake up at the slightest peep, and my sheets are 3 feet deep
I guess it's hard for you to see
But now I'm pointing the finger at police instead of them motherfucker's blaming me
I got the right to bare a pistol
And when them punk motherfucker's get to tripping I got shit too
And maybe then you'll see the truth hell yeah
But until then I gotta do what I do and stay a crooked nigga too

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