A Banquet - Climb the Hill

A Banquet - Climb the Hill

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Дата добавления: 2016-11-18

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I am still the Drunken boat
Staggering from side to side
Drifting on seagulls' wings
Headlong into salty wine

Blurred lands and tangled noise
My dreams inside out
I'm hidden under your pillow
Letting everything just flow

If you think there is no way out, just clench your fist and punch yourself
'cos you know best what's good for you, don't be afraid to find it out
If you think there is no way out, there must be something you've missed out
Say, 'I know what is good for me', say, 'I will fight', just say it loud

My eyes are so heavy
I can hardly see

But tomoro I'm gonna wake up
But tomoro I'm gonna climb up the hill

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