Ho Ngoc Ha Ft Suboi - Girl's Night

Ho Ngoc Ha Ft Suboi - Girl's Night

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Hook HNH

Ah ah ah ah ah ah
its Friday night, ladies night
Get your freak on, turn off the light,
and all the girls say
Ah ah ah ah ah ah
its Friday night ladies night
Get your freak on, turn off the light, tonights girls night

verse 1
I've been waitin for a long time
This' so nice
Jar the door i can see the flashlight winkin' full the face
uno dos tres cuatro
tengo que i'm gon step inside
Like the bodyguard never had a smile
But who care why
I turn 18 tonight
baby it's a franchise
yall see me shine
If u dont wanna see me fly
Oh mama dont cry Huh
I'ma nice girl
In a mazy world
I'm na a twicer beggin for a nicer world
Make a tracer
Be a tracker
Be a racer
Don't be a traducer

Hook HNH

Verse 2
See that girl i like she shakes her hip
Hey watch out her move she gon hit cha back
Up down right left get up and go
hit the floor get the bounce
get it now with the sound
You move I move You move in
I move you move i move out
They move we move take the floor down
Hey, the tiptop is under the tiptoes
Everybody's tipsy, What's up?
Every move sexy ha nice to me
Baby girl move in
Shinin with the light
Up down up down up down c'mon


verse 3
Take it all down I'm chop in ur mouth
We're all here let's rock in da house
Rappin so high let's take a look down
Bboy bgirl lets pump the damn floor
Turn around twist the sounds
Make your mami
Crunk with your daddy
Dont bring your boifriend
Hes gonna be crazie
When he see u lose your panties
Look flash of lightning from everywhere
anything around you
say we don't give a damn
Keep shakin your body go up and down
From the front to the back
From the left to the right
From days to nights
Let's go on energize
From fast to slow
Take a step to the left
You're so hot
and you know that
Shakin on the dance floor you're superstars

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