Matt LeDoux and Magick - Soft Kitty

Matt LeDoux and Magick - Soft Kitty

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dear penny i know im not a physicist
but i can re arrange the stars for a hug and a kiss
let me speak to you, don't wanna be rajesh
but I'm fresh to death, hearts for your necklace
you're my enchanted bunny, i got the carrot of power
how weird is howard? lets leave here for an hour
remember the time when sheldon cleaned your house?
im a mystic warlord with a sword on my couch
i don't want these particles to collide at lightspeed
but i might need an experiment with you next to me
hypotheses isosceles triangle
don't even like cheesecake but with you I will tango
take me to nebraska im down with football
i don't play with kites and im kind of tall
not a homunculus but i bust good rhymes
let's make a big bang and theorize infinite times

soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur.
happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr

i gotta admit i gotta thing for nerds.
don't want to ruin it, spoiler alert
im down wit that cat scanner you wanna build
i can tell from your style you're the head of your field.
carry your green lantern any day of the weak.
flex your hulk hands and it makes me weak.
using this music, medically speaking.
at the comic book store sneaking n peaking
lets chop up game about string cheese theories
heroes always peek we've established this clearly.
magick 1 2 8 on playstation, im a rockstar
when you say bazinga,it makes me LOL hard.
im a mad hatter, you're a mad scientist
tesla did experiments near where i live.
one thing's for certain, soft kitty's on your tuner
much luv to doctor sheldon lee cooper.

Видео Soft Kitty - by Matt LeDoux & Magick (Big Bang Theory)
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