mc petra & hani-g shingeki no kyojin - Levi

mc petra & hani-g (shingeki no kyojin) - Levi

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Oh Oh, oh, oh, oh Hes coming Hes coming
H Yo, Petra uh why are you hiding?
P Its Levi-heichou
H Pfft, you mean that little brat? Whats so great about him?

Hes heichou, got the dough,
At the top of the class
And when he walks into the club,
It makes the boys and girls dance

And he got me on the floor
'Cause his glare's just too hardcore
And I wish he would just come in,
Instead of knocking on my door

He may be five foot three
And frowns an awful lot
But dont you know he got the booty
And plus, hes really hot

So, boy, just come on
Walk over here
See, my shirts gone
I want that sneer

Why dont you go on and show me
Why they call you Lance Corporal
If you know what I mean

Vi vi, Its Levi
High high, up in the sky
Vi vi, we got Levi
My my, my oh my
Ha ha ha ha ha
Say la la la la la
Ha ha ha ha ha

H Is that really what you think?
P Shhh Please dont laugh.
H Let me tell you something real quick.

One time I walked into the bar and saw him, Levi
And he couldnt get a drink because hes such a small fry
You know he likes to talk shit and has some crazy OCD
And the way he has to clean makes me scream S T O P

Dont even get me started
On how he acts like in bed
Always whining about
How to do without
Clean sheets on the spread

But though he aint got the sauce
I admit he makes love like a boss
Aint no guy like Levi in my eye
Cant deny that we are so fly

Vi vi, theres Levi
By by, passing by
He go high high, up so high
Fly fly, we gon touch the sky
Ha ha ha ha ha
Say la la la la la
Ha ha ha ha ha

Every style and flavor
Underneath them layers
Makes me sign a waiver
To take a bite and savor

You dont have to make a grave
'Cause it's everyone he'll save
To his charm, youll be a slave
So girl, you best behave

Sie sind das essen (yo)
Und wir sind die j

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